"This program is amazing! I love that my child gets so much individual attention and care. These teachers are passionate about what they do- and it really shows when they are working with the kids! When my three year old comes home singing new songs, acting out stories and concepts, and getting excited about music and movement- I know it's the best environment to learn. It's hands-on learning, stimulating, and just positively different than a regular classroom setting. I chose this school because I wanted my child to be able to grow in a setting that would provide opportunity to learn, move, play, and think creatively and musically all year long. This preschool does just that!"
-The Goldrick Family

"I absolutely love this preschool. My daughter is a very busy child to say the least and she has flourished immensely since starting back in January. Everytime she comes home she surprises me with the new things she has learned. It is amazing to see how proud she is when we are practicing letters at home and she gets them correct. She always tells me how she can't wait to tell Mrs. Amanda. My daughter also loves dance and music time, which has really helped her with being shy. We originally picked this preschool because they offer dance and music classes along with their preschool curriculum. We thought our daughter would have a better learning experience if it wasn't just your normal preschool. I cannot say enough good things about the teachers or the wonderful experiences my daughter has already had. Thank you so much for taking such great care of (name left out for privacy) and making her learning journey a fun one."
-The Wernke Family

"I scoured the internet and even Google maps for all listed preschools, Montessori's and facilities in the area that offered classes for (name left out for privacy)'s age. I made a list of the few I liked, researched their credentials, location and what learning curriculum they offered. Out of the handful I ultimately chose y'all, because of the classroom studies, music and dance combined. I mean what more could you ask for in a well rounded preschool!? Plus, after meeting y'all it just felt like a loving, upbeat, safe, structured environment for my baby."
-The Rosenbaum Family